Laser printer recommendations for a home user

kiwikidd77, Feb 16, 8:03am
Laser printer recommendations for a home user Got a friend who is not online so I'm asking on behalf ofWhat would you recommend as a good value laser printer for black printing only. Colour not needed. I personally have a Lexmark E232, got it at a government saleWhat brands are best value reliable and best price consumables?

adelles, Feb 16, 8:07am
Go with a HP Brand always reliable ive found, and most businesses go wth HP or Brother

lesleyann, Feb 16, 7:44pm
Brother HL Laser series is excellent I have had a brother HL2040 for the past 3 years and find it excellent. It is very quick and economical to run. The toner cartridges can be refilled by Cartridge World for around $75 and you get around 4,000 copies out of a cartridge. have a look at Dick Smith - I find them to have some of the best deals around

tigra, Feb 16, 8:09pm
While I agree the HL2040 is a good reliable cheap laser printer and we have been using one for at least 5 years. I recently bought a Samsung ML2010 from DSE - Its light, small and cheap. Normally around $90 but on special I got it for $70. Not sure about refilling cartridges yet but heck at that price you cant go wrong.

art4ukiwi, Feb 16, 8:14pm
Afelt magic marker?

pcfix4u, Feb 16, 8:23pm
Cartridge World laser cartrige screwed my $700.00 brother printer.
I now have a HP HL 2040, I wont be using Cartridge World refills.

lesleyann, Feb 16, 9:05pm
Canon and HP brands don't like Refills The Brother and Epson brands are both reliable when it comes to refills. The Samsung is a good printer but the price of the consumables (ink, toner etc) are more expensive than the initial printer. Personally, I have not had problems with cartridge world toners so if there is a problem, then you should go back to the person who did the refill as that will be where the problem is

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