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mone, Feb 18, 2:19am
Have you joined the internet blackout? Protest against the new Go'vt copyright law? If you want go to http://creativefreedom.org.nz/howto-blackout.html

deodar, Feb 18, 2:28am
OK for a server But just a pain/in/ars otherwise.Its
piddling me off worse than censorship

gerty, Feb 18, 2:33am
Yes, I've joined. This is just plain crap legislation and will do nothing to protect copyright for artists (but could do plenty of harm for every day Internet users). Gaining a lot of coverage noweven international.

lostdude, Feb 18, 2:36am
Yeah "international" coverage is just what NZ needs. Now any & every copyright owner will submit any NZ I.P. they come across downloading their contentwhether legally or not.

gothicrebel, Feb 18, 2:36am
Who uses facebook ? and who cares about the ones that do ?

gerty, Feb 18, 2:37am
What has it got to do with Facebook?

gerty, Feb 18, 2:39am
It's going to happen anyway, if this law goes ahead. Trying to stay under the radar is hardly a solution.

gothicrebel, Feb 18, 2:41am
Not much or nothingSo why mention it in 1 ? wouldn't it be better to email or write to the minister responsible maybe and John Key...

gerty, Feb 18, 2:42am
I can't see it mentioned in ....

gothicrebel, Feb 18, 2:42am
Re # 9 Its in the link dummy !

soodanim, Feb 18, 2:43am
The link does it's instructions on how to....so you can blackout the facebook, myspace etc if you so wished....

soodanim, Feb 18, 2:44am
It's just instructions ...that's all, did you actually read it? or just see facebook and start typing?

gerty, Feb 18, 2:44am
Q & A from Parliamentary Question Time just finished: http://is.gd/jUqZ

gerty, Feb 18, 2:45am
. You're calling me a dummy? I suggest you read stuff through, before you pass comment on it (or start flinging names around).

kiwikidd77, Feb 18, 2:48am
I've got a nice simple idea if everyone contacted their ISP and cut back on their download cap they would start screaming at the Govt on our behalf. If you have say, a 20Gb data cap cut it by half to 10Gb or even less, this will help get the message across to the ISP's that they are going to loose big $$$ and since they are all in it for the mighty $$$$ then masses of people cutting back their data caps would send a nice strong message to the ISP's.. Just a thought.

gothicrebel, Feb 18, 2:49am
Re # 14 I read itSo are you gonna use ya brain and write a letter to the minister or just do alot of bleating here !

gerty, Feb 18, 2:52am
I'm not 'bleating here'. I'm helping disseminate information about the Act, the Section in question, and the things that every Internet user can do, if they care to, to take some affirmative action. That's APART from the submission to the Ministry I've collaborated on. Seriously, man, you don't do yourself any favours.

gerty, Feb 18, 2:53am
, that's a good concept.. although tricky to implement if you rely on high data caps for your business. Might be something home users could do thoyou should post the idea on the website.

gothicrebel, Feb 18, 2:55am
"seriously man...." It wont make any difference ! You and soodanim are both naive and stupid !

pcgeek, Feb 18, 3:01am
this 'fight' wouldn't have started if gothic had provided more information in her initial post...

soodanim, Feb 18, 3:02am
What the I was only pointing out that it was instruction on how to blackout the pages...made no comment about the whole thing, don't assume

gibler, Feb 18, 3:04am
#000000 ..

gerty, Feb 18, 3:06am
Fark. so now I'm naive and stupid. Someone suggested to me that I post on this subject in here because there might be people who are interested and objective. Yeah, right.

gothicrebel, Feb 18, 3:09am
If ya cant stand the heat get outa the kitchen "wimp "....

gerty, Feb 18, 3:15am
*winking* doesn't make insults any less insulting. As you're obviously not interested in this topic, why don't you move on to discussing something you are more able to add insight to?

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