Have you joined the internet blackout?

I mean when we had dialup and it was real slowwwwwwwwwwwwww. Pirates need more bandwidth which is a win win situation for the rest of us that arent downloading illegal stuff. What I mean is we need fibre yesterday ! pirates may make that happen quicker.

geek_gothicrebel, Feb 19, 10:27 am

cybertao As computer speed and hard drives get bigger, you expect the IT industry to set data cap smaller and be more restrictive? The nature of technology advancement will always mean data cap and bandwidth will always increase in speed and size, it is not a fixed resource like water or coal (power). Imagine if we said in 1997, ok we set the nadwidth limit at 256 k and 200MB data cap, and no more filesharing, would that make internet it cheaper. How wrong would that be. THe hole idea of this law is not to save bandwidth, its for corporate puppet politicians to justify their salaries.

geek_mone, Feb 19, 10:27 am

Where did I say that, mone? With less traffic from people leeching illegal downloads, there will be more unused traffic. With a set amount of network capacity in place and less demand for it, I expect bandwidth costs to go down and higher caps.

geek_cybertao, Feb 19, 10:55 am

As to pirates driving network expansionYeah, right! If that is true, they are pushing expansion at the expense of the industries who lobbied for this law. That's hardly fair or ethically correct. Also misguided; if it's true, then the only demand for better infrastructure is from pirating. The internet is a fabulous tool, perhaps the greatest technological accomplishment we've achived(IMHO). Bigger than landing on the moon. Really sucks if all people can think of doing with it is updating Facebook and downloading movies; that ain't pushing the technological boundaries.

geek_cybertao, Feb 19, 11:06 am

I agree somewhat of what is being said here, pirates are like a war, they drive technology ahead, much like a war brings faster technology advancements, pirates need for bigger caps and faster connections drive the ISP' faster to upgrade, to some extent anyway...

geek_ratiohack, Feb 19, 11:14 am

Why Facebook is for Fogies http://bit.ly/C9Vx (www.time.com)

geek_gerty, Feb 19, 11:35 am

Agreed, war drives some technology. The two areas it pushes the most are; spying on people, and blowing the crap out of people. War on piracy will lead to; spying on people, and blowing out of the internet.

geek_cybertao, Feb 19, 11:46 am