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deodar, Feb 18, 3:35am
Some posters lately on this board,not regulars, Are downright rude obnoxious turds.
But then there's the rest of us.Vote

paddaricko, Feb 18, 3:48am
Last time I voted jonkey was placed in power. Have vowed never to vote again after that sad day. A bit confused deodar. Should I vote the rest of us or the obnoxious turds?

swivel, Feb 18, 3:53am
If this is about S92a. Then nothing wrong with it. If you read paragraph 5, it's harmless unless your what you know your not aloud to do. http://nzfact.co.nz/press_releases/Section92a%20Implementation.pdf

swivel, Feb 18, 3:56am
OrTo protest against you ISP, you could cancel your Account.

gerty, Feb 18, 4:15am
There is nothing wrong with the intent of the law - I'm personally against any form of illegal downloading and I believe if this could be enforced much more content would be made freely available by artists and others. But the portion of the law that will soon force ISPs to take down internet connections and websites of anyone accused (not convicted) of copyright infringement is just lunacy.

sirfer, Feb 18, 4:27am
Yeah! cos if it's illegal it must be wrong!

little_egypt, Feb 18, 4:36am
One perfectly good reason to objectNo matter what your view on copyright, the way this law got passed is TOTALLY unacceptable. Changes to the copyright act went to select committee, where the public got to comment on them. As a result some changes were made, and one of those changes was the removal of 92a on the basis that it was unjust and unworkable. That's what select committees are for. That's how democracy is supposed to work. To have 92a reinserted at the last minute and rushed through parliament in the way that is was done is absolutely disgusting. Even if you agree with section 92a, you should object in principle to how it was passed.

little_egypt, Feb 18, 4:46am
"If it's illegal is must be wrong" "corollary: if a clear majority are doing it despite the law, it probably shouldn't have been illegal in the first place"
or perhaps "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed" (Since it seems a lot of these laws and copyright extensions are pushed by the US copyright cartels)

kevin16, Feb 18, 4:54am
, is that all you've got?, ffs, how weak "To have 92a reinserted at the last minute and rushed through parliament in the way that is was done",.. is the way the US run their country,.. the biggest dollar wins,.. the price we will have to pay, to be 'allowed the privilege' of 'playing' with them,.. trade, military involvement, etc,that's at a deeper level,.. this is the thin end,...

bidda2, Feb 18, 5:02am
Haha at one of the last quotes in that pdf "Independent estimates suggest up to 80 per cent of internet traffic is generated by P2P file
distribution, the vast bulk of which is unauthorised use of copyrighted music and movies.

datguy2, Feb 18, 7:33am
If my isp disconnects me but im on a plan that i usualy have to be on for another year, will i still have to pay the early disconnection fee?

vtecintegra, Feb 18, 7:35am
Good point - if so you could complain about yourself to get an early disconnect. I'd bet they will still bill you though

kylestyle, Feb 18, 7:47am
Have 'blacked out' my Facebook and so have quite a few of my friends too. And signed the petition. Looks like the groundswell of support is growing.

swivel, Feb 18, 7:49am
Bidda2 well when Pirate bay was shut down a year or so ago, 75% of Europe Internet traffic stopped. So i'd say they arn't that far out with 80%

soodanim, Feb 18, 10:43am
Ummm piratebay is still running.

enigma, Feb 18, 10:51am
PirateBay is in court, will take approximately 3 weeks to sort the case against the owners out. Will be interesting to see how it pans out.

cybertao, Feb 18, 7:07pm
So why can't we have a 'green out' and free the weed?

kevin16, Feb 18, 7:19pm
Or at least adopt a suitable self sustaining tax generating industry, free up the court system a bit for real crime,...

ratiohack, Feb 18, 7:25pm
Regarding P-Bay Those who are in the know, or have been around long enough, will remember the number of times the site has been shut-down and reopened. Not to mention the amount of raids that have been on the ISP' who host their servers over the years,

moneyman6, Feb 18, 7:34pm
Facebook? wf is that? is it a kids thing?

mone, Feb 18, 7:44pm
Its an under-50 thing sorry about you.

gothicrebel, Feb 18, 8:07pm
Re # 47 More like an under insecurity thing !

cybertao, Feb 18, 8:43pm
I wonder if bandwidth will get cheaper. There is a fixed amount of bandwidth supply available(like power and water). So if there is less demand for it, the price per unit might come down.

gothicrebel, Feb 18, 8:54pm
You couldbe right but it would be a devastating blow to the economy and small business trying to setup online. It would take us back to 1997

cybertao, Feb 18, 9:16pm
Why would it take us back to 1997? If ISPs are making all their money out of illegal data trafficking, tough. That's like saying stopping P, or any other illegal activity, is bad because gangs are supported by it. Dropping the bandwidth usage will free up the net for actual work and provide a boost for parts of the economy that relies on the internet. Unless you mean going back to 1997, where everyone had to buy music and movies.

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