NZL Hosting--can't access the url..been all day

NZL Hosting--can't access the url..been all day . I have my main email through them and it's getting frustrating. What kinds of reasons cause this?

geek_houstylou, Feb 18, 8:07 pm

Down for me too give them a call?

geek_seriouslycgi, Feb 18, 8:23 pm

You get whay you pay for?

geek_tptrader, Feb 18, 8:29 pm

elaborate please

geek_houstylou, Feb 18, 8:31 pm


geek_houstylou, Feb 18, 8:32 pm

I'm at work so can't make a toll call.

geek_houstylou, Feb 18, 8:34 pm

Working now

geek_swivel, Feb 18, 8:46 pm

that was a genuine typo not like most of the illiterate twats in here...and generally I spell check but not in this bad.

geek_tptrader, Feb 18, 8:49 pm

Yep, working until midnight

geek_houstylou, Feb 18, 9:25 pm