download adobe

Download adobe took over 4 hours and still didnt get anywhere, any reason why?

ive been told it should only take no more than an hour at the most

geek_moore., Feb 19, 11:24 pm

Adobe WHAT? .

geek_badcam, Feb 19, 11:31 pm

??You tried to download a company??

geek_malachiman, Feb 19, 11:36 pm

LOL as opposed to downloading the internet, you got few more years in there yet buddy:p

geek_lostdude, Feb 19, 11:38 pm

I'm gonna download Pizza Hutt, i'm hungry.

geek_puddleduck00, Feb 20, 1:08 am

So am i nowleave some for me to download too.

geek_soodanim, Feb 20, 1:31 am

Hahaha there's always dominos or hell's :p

geek_lostdude, Feb 20, 1:32 am

I'm downloading beef stroganoff atmmmmmmm;)

geek_lostdude, Feb 20, 1:36 am

if it was Adobe Reader don't bother. Get the free version of Foxit PDF reader. Much smaller & faster. Does 99% of what the other one does.

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 20, 7:43 am

Lol very funny all of yo. you havent been much help at all.
blow this thread

geek_moore., Feb 20, 4:41 pm

Lol if you tell us what adobe product you were trying to download we might help. If you give no information you get no answer.

geek_puddleduck00, Feb 20, 4:47 pm

what exactly are you trying to download?.

geek_rz_zone, Feb 20, 4:47 pm

U R So Right Foxit is so much simpler and workable for us computer dummies!

geek_homebay, Feb 20, 5:23 pm

And less bloated and doesn't come with a bloated updater.

geek_puddleduck00, Feb 20, 5:24 pm

10. You idiot. How do you expect us to help you if you don't help yourself. Why don't you answer post 2 for a start. Drongo!

geek_badcam, Feb 20, 5:27 pm

True we are just guessingfor all we know it was the trial version of Photoshop Elements (around 460 MB)!

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 20, 5:45 pm