Printer making a strange noise...

tiki172, Feb 19, 11:05pm
Printer making a strange noiseI have a hp psc 2510 photosmart all in one printer. If it has been off at the wall or there has been a power cut, when I switch it on again in goes thru a range of normal sounds as it sets itself up and then appears to stick and "kechanks" away repetitively for about 45 secs and then goes quiet but the little display unit has the egg timer "wait" sign on it and it will sit like that indefinitely and doesn't print/scan etc. In the past I have been able to switch it on and off or push the cancel button and get it going but not this time, it does this over and over. Any ideas pls?

jlt, Feb 19, 11:10pm
Printer sounds like a loose or deteriorated cartridge belt or gears. when they get turned on i little bar comes up from the bottom of the printer to lock the cartridges in place while it cleans them, then it retreats to allow the cartridges to move along the belt for the 2nd test. sounds like this is where it is getting stuck. should be a simple quick fix for a printer repair place. I see your in kaiapoi, the best place in chch is office tech at 123 Blenheim road. and no i dont work for them.

tiki172, Feb 19, 11:31pm
Thanks jlt, appreciate the help and pointing me in the right direction.

tiki172, Feb 20, 4:23am
Is there anything I can try at home to jog it back place?

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