what is the refresh button on a power adapter for?

olack, Feb 22, 6:54am
What is the refresh button on a power adapter for? JVC VHS-C video camera.

demonknight, Feb 22, 7:02am
After approximately 5 charge/discharge cycles, try to discharge or run down the batteries completely in your camera, or use the "Refresh" option on your battery charger, if it has such a function, before you next use it. This will especially help with Ni-Cad batteries but may also give some benefit with Lithium-Ion batteries.

olack, Feb 22, 7:28am
Thankyou .

olack, Feb 22, 8:30am
This camcorder has a DC power socket and so does the power adapter. Will that be to power the camera through the power adapter? There is no cable to fit either of the sockets...I bought it second hand.

olack, Feb 22, 8:47am
Sorry for my impatience..before there is an answer The charger is set to refresh and has a battery that has not held a charge for any more than 2 minutes. While the charger is doing a refresh of that battery the power light is red and the refresh light is green. Is something wrong?

got2bin2win, Feb 22, 8:51am
Olacksee if you can down load the manual, you might be just clutching at straws in here.

executor1, Feb 22, 8:55am
Not 100% sure, but it sounds like it is chargeing and discharging several times, to beat battery memory.

olack, Feb 22, 9:29am
The LEDs do not seem to have changed colour since I pushed the reset button. I had a pretty good look for the modelJVC GR-AX570E . Just thinking about the time the reet is doing it may be doing something good. I did find a free manual download website and finally got to find most older JVC models but it was not there. I downloaded a few to get some ideas but wouldn't it be nice ...jingle jingle....

olack, Feb 22, 10:50am
Still this way after 3 hours...shall I leave it like this...help....yelp...

olack, Feb 22, 12:12pm
Hi, no problem....the charger switched from the.. ..Refresh LED to the Charge LED after about 5 hours. Looking good. Can anyone tell me anything about the power sockets on the power adapter and on the camera. For example should they be connected to each other for powering the camera from the power adapter...I mean, the power socket on the camera is beneath the battery when the battery is clipped onto the camera....oh gee...

olack, Feb 23, 12:45am
...and batterys are charged now...thankyou .

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