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flora11, Feb 22, 7:52am
Printer ink Ok I have just put in a brand new cartridge and printed 28 pages, 5 of which have only one small pic on the rest has 2, now it has run out - this works out at $1.31 a page! I would of thought it would print more than that! anyone else have this trouble (HP printer)

r.g.nixon, Feb 22, 7:57am
Does it have 2 cartridges? One for black & one for colour. Maybe it is the other one that has now run out.

flora11, Feb 22, 7:59am
Yes 2 cartridges both are new

richms, Feb 22, 10:15am
cheap printer, expensive ink, and the HPs with the integrated print heads only last 3-4 refills max

4blades, Feb 22, 10:51am
Re inks Are you cartridges fixed or move with the print head? I fitted a
CISS system to my HP 8230 for about $120,about 6 x 100ml inks.
If moveable heads/cartridges you would have to check clearances.

richms, Feb 22, 11:17am
I have had so many problems with CISS's that I ended up just using them as refillable carts and using the CISS tank as a place to hold the metal part of the refilling syringes.

biggal, Feb 23, 2:21am
Is it possible to refill HP series 02 ink carts.
Anyone know?

4blades, Feb 23, 9:46am
Hp refills Have done.Use the two round holes,syringe ink in one & use an empty needle in the other to allow breathing.
Bit messy though.Maybe better & cheaper to use CISS system-I have no problem with my CISS system on 02 style cartridges,even though richms was not happy with his usage.

richms, Feb 23, 10:58am
The 2 I tried were the 57/58 and 78/45 - they are actual HP carts they had plumbed the pipes into. Constantly got air in the lines which would break the syphon so it would stop printing till I pulled the hose off, refilled it and sucked all the air out of the lines too.

My epson fares better, but I have had 2 of the chips on the small carts fail so had to put the ones off real carts onto it, and they dont autoreset like the ones that came with the CISS do.

Also watch the resovars - some have the join between the 2 parts at the bottom, and its common to leak from that point.

biggal, Feb 23, 8:30pm
Ta for that //

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