Edit with Dreamweaver disappeared?

patlarkins, Mar 10, 9:35pm
Edit with Dreamweaver disappeared? Heya, since I installed firefox on my machine the other day I have noticed that when I right-click any html files it no longer has the option to 'edit' or 'edit with dreamweaver'. I use both of these options all the time, does anyone know how I can get them back? TIA :)

patlarkins, Mar 11, 9:53am
Bump... ...

demonknight, Mar 11, 11:29am
It would Be much easier just to reinstall dreamweaver, otherwise you will have to muck around with the registry and readd all of those associations manually. Believe me you don't want to do that.

c, Jun 23, 12:59pm
The same thing just happened to me when I downloaded Google Chrome. Not cool.

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