cheap printer that takes cheap ink

suzy30, Feb 23, 6:50am
Cheap printer that takes cheap ink Does anyone know of a good printer that the ink doesnt cost a fourtune to replace.

tptrader, Feb 23, 6:53am
Sorry I only know about inflated ones ask Victor Borge...They cost a fivetune.

0800xford, Feb 23, 7:01am
epson C59 here: $9.99 each, it's a bit of a piece though - loud and slow...

richms, Feb 23, 7:05am
Epsons have a good assortment of aftermarket cheap ink, but there is no point getting a pigment capable printer if you are going to run cheap dye ink thru it.

tptrader, Feb 23, 7:06am
I just bought 4 cartridges on TM today for our Brother printer for $24 including $4 for courier.

eventpro, Feb 23, 7:27am
Cheap printer + cheap ink = oxymoron.

suzy30, Feb 23, 8:28am
Just want a printer thats cheap to use so I can print out class work for uni

richms, Feb 23, 9:08am
are you just doing drafts and stuff on it? Then a moderate epson and get some ink off here or the bay place.

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