need help with wireless usb adapter

time3, Feb 23, 10:33am
Need help with wireless usb adapter i cant connect wireless usb adapter to my modern please help

soodanim, Feb 23, 10:36am
I can't get my car to start...please help....! .

time3, Feb 23, 10:43am
Soodanim pissd off if u not help fag

soodanim, Feb 23, 10:51am
Lol well actually I don't want to help. You've given no details...It's a more polite response that what you are going to get from other. Now I hope you don't get any help you rude prat.

richms, Feb 23, 10:59am
Check driver installation, WPA key correclty specified, mode is correct (b vs G etc) and that you have not got another signal with the same ssid as yours on a different channel.

time3, Feb 23, 11:27am
Soodanim cant u dont know how to fix it. dont be a man

soodanim, Feb 23, 11:31am
Lol what the ....! Try again in English.

got2bin2win, Feb 23, 12:01pm
Is it a wifi usb adaptor you have bought or a bluetooth one by mistake.

drcspy, Feb 23, 1:38pm
Like me to add some kind words sood ? wink.......

hakatere1, Feb 23, 6:08pm
and what's a modern? " to my modern please help"

kevin16, Feb 23, 6:18pm
What said but if you trim about 7mm off the end with a hacksaw it should fix it ,..

soodanim, Feb 23, 6:45pm
lol...Maybe you can be a (the) man lol they are probably off somewhere else complaining computing are rude and mean.

executor1, Feb 23, 9:09pm
Aw, poor OP I think he's hurt (Plays invisible violin)

tptrader, Feb 23, 11:05pm
More like time2 time 2 get a life.

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