My pc wont burn, read, rip

ngongolian, Feb 23, 7:08pm
My pc wont burn, read, rip It comes up saying driver is busy. and freezes every program, Help

ponyboy, Feb 24, 12:07am
Update the drivers for the software that runs your programme

blitzem1, Feb 24, 9:06pm
.Could be your drive has failed - may need to replace it. If you have a spare lying around replace it with that. Outdated drivers won't affect the drive reading normally.

0800xford, Feb 24, 9:33pm
OP having to ask for more info is annoying, help us help you.

dexter4, Feb 24, 9:37pm
Hes not a prowhy would you tell him to offer more information? Should he have listed the OS version, service pack level and firmware version of the drive when listing the job, or should he just ask for help, and those willing to offer it could do just that.

ngongolian, Feb 25, 1:37am
Other than it wont read, burn, rip, Says drive is busy but plays dvds Weird

ngongolian, Feb 25, 1:39am
Thaks Updated and all complete. Comp says driver working properly

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