Issues with Mozilla and Adobe

mikiora, Feb 24, 7:44am
Issues with Mozilla and Adobe I recently changed to Mozilla, but it wont load Adobe (so i cant get certain picture) - I dont get why, unless its because i havent total got rid of IE. do I need to - to get adobe working? any help would be appreciated!

dunedin_ree, Feb 24, 7:45am
Adobe what? Flash? Acrobat?

mikiora, Feb 24, 7:47am
Sorry - adobe flash ..

dunedin_ree, Feb 24, 7:49am
Reinstall flash download the latest version from the Adobe site.

mikiora, Feb 24, 7:55am
Its not working.. it goes through the motions of downloading - but then doesnt actually work.

dunedin_ree, Feb 24, 7:57am
Okbut you're going to need to be more descriptive, what do you mean exactly?

mikiora, Feb 24, 8:03am
Ok - I have gone to download adobe flash when I click to download - a box asks if I would like to save file- I click save file, next box pops up -downloads- which show it being downloaded for the '14'time, it is highlighted in red. It finishes, I go back a webpage that should have picture i.e slingshot, and it has an error message saying i should download plugin, and can redirect me to adobe. Which then doesnt work again..

dunedin_ree, Feb 24, 8:04am
That's the download double click on the file that's been downloaded to install it.

mikiora, Feb 24, 8:11am
D'oh - oh dear of course you are right, and that is all i needed to do. Thank you I will sit in the dunce corner for a minute and then quietly leave out the back door. Thank very muchly.

little_egypt, Feb 24, 8:21am
What I love about MSIE If you click on something and it's a program, MSIE will try to run it by default. But first it will pop up one of those yellow bars that everybody just clicks YES to without reading because they're so fscking frequent. And if you're trying to download a 300M service pack, MSIE will assume you want to run it, not save it.. and when you realise you made a mistake and cancel the install it will delete the file you just waited three hours to download even though it's perfectly happy to keep 5G of other crap you will never ever use again in the cache directory. I'm so glad I hardly ever need to use MSIE, because the few times I actually have to almost drive me insane.

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