Acer aspire 5100

time3, Feb 24, 8:35am
Acer aspire 5100 Hey everyone know what is the brand of the hdd inside acer aspire 5100???

hakatere1, Feb 24, 4:59pm
Ok, I Googled for you. Namely question "The laptop initially came with Hitachi Travelstar 4K120 HTS421212H9AT00 Hard Disk Drive"

time3, Feb 24, 10:08pm
WDC WD800BEVS-22RSTO-(S1) what brand is this hdd

icioufa, Feb 24, 10:17pm
LOL at a guess without googling Western Digital ...Sorry But If you cant work that out .What questions/problems you will ask on here if you install windows 7 on your laptop...

tptrader, Feb 24, 10:19pm
I would suggest a solution to your problem is starting multiple threads.

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