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ianalice1, Feb 24, 7:27pm
Word processors Hi all and thanks for all your help, on my other threads, which have now been resolved. Can I ask for any advise on good freeware word processors? I have Word 2000 which is having problems. Open Office is to hard on my system and is very, very slow. There is one that comes with Linux, that I have used but can't remember the name. Must be old ageThanks, Ian.

johnlyn, Feb 24, 7:31pm
Have you done a repair via the help menu for your word 2000?

johnlyn, Feb 24, 7:35pm
Go here for a list of free word processors http://tinyurl.com/bp8dx3

ianalice1, Feb 24, 8:14pm
Hi ya johnlyn Have you done a repair via the help menu for your word 2000? Yes I have. I tried the repair, same problem. Then uninstalled, run C Cleaner and reinstalled on another drive, same problem and run repair again. I have two main problems. Spell checker won't allow to add words and also on starting says the start doc is corrupted. I tell it to repair but on starting again, same problem. I will check out your link now. Thanks for the info, Ian.

ianalice1, Feb 24, 8:19pm
Thanks, johnlyn Abiword was the one I was looking for. I'll try it now. Thanks for the very prompt response.

hdmovies, Feb 24, 9:16pm
Tried Google Docs? docs.google.com

ianalice1, Feb 24, 9:20pm
Yes I have, tried Google doc's but don't like the idea of doing important things, like documents, on line. Does anyone know how I can make Abiword default to saving as a Doc, file, instead of it's own?

gyrogearloose, Feb 24, 10:48pm
Regarding the Word errors on startup and spell checker, these could both be caused by a corruption in the "normal.dot" template which Word loads at startup. Search using Windows Explorer for all files named "normal.dot" and delete them. Word will recreate a new file called "normal.dot" when it can't find one, and this is where it stores the file locations of custom spelling words etc.

ianalice1, Feb 25, 1:04am
Thanks for the advise Yes there is a drop down menu that you can select Word doc, but thought you maybe able set to default. Re gyrogearloose, done that and found on normal.dot, deleted it, started word and still the same. Whilst I have installed Abiword, her indoors don't like it and said I gota fix word. Help please, someone...

johnlyn, Feb 25, 2:04am
To make it default, right click Abiword doc and choose the program like word to open with.

ianalice1, Feb 25, 4:52am
Sorry, johnlyn I might be a bit thick, but I don't understand what you mean. Do you mind explaining for us technophobic ones? Thanks..

little_egypt, Feb 25, 6:33am
A bit technical, buthttp://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-626107.html

ianalice1, Feb 25, 7:44am
Hi ya, little_egypt I found the file, stated in your link and it said to edit, DefaultSaveFormat=".abw" but I couldn't fine the string. I open the file and did a search with in it, but nothing...

ianalice1, Feb 25, 11:54pm
Anyone the answer to my question? I'm running on XP Home. Thanks.

johnlyn, Feb 25, 11:58pm
Once you have save a doc right click it before opening it and choose properties then choose what program you want it to open with. Hope that

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