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malachiman, Feb 24, 8:34pm
Safari 4 Public Beta is out for OS X Anyone else using it, i think the UI is another glimpse into the new look for Snow Leopard. Seems to be working well at the moment.

spraggles, Feb 24, 11:00pm
Brilliant, am loving it

deej5, Feb 24, 11:55pm
Can't get it to download from Mac site??????

malachiman, Feb 25, 12:12am
Maybe overloaded?? the cover flow in history is awesome feature, so easy to track back to sites

stefanie5, Feb 25, 2:27am
I was hanging out for chrome for mac, but now there seem slittle point. The program loads very very fast, as do the webpages. First thing i changed was the homepage to the "top sites"

malachiman, Feb 25, 4:20am
I am not sure i like the top sites feature, but it is growing on me, I haven't seen anything else implemented like this before.

arthurdent2, Feb 25, 5:20am
Just downloaded it and having a play now. But where's Refresh - it's missing from Customize Toolbar?

wogadopolous, Feb 25, 5:23am
Dunno yet, haven't quite d/l'd Try [cmd] + r

arthurdent2, Feb 25, 5:23am
Reload is in the View menubut not the toolbar -surely it should be in the toobar! What a nuisance if it's not -I use it a lot when bidding on auctions.

arthurdent2, Feb 25, 5:27am
Re yes [cmd +r] is there but I liked the circular arrow in the toolbarand I want it back!

wogadopolous, Feb 25, 6:44am
It's there, just not as you expect it If you want the button back, file a bug report then uninstall and go back to v3.x.x

lend2me, Feb 25, 6:47am
Yeah, unified UI for the win. They moved it to the same place as the iPhone. I only downloaded it after I saw this thread. Am enjoying it so far, like the interface. Trying to decide to keep it or stay with FF...

wogadopolous, Feb 25, 6:47am
And worseIt breaks Safari Block and Glims plugins too! Bah, back to the old for me.....

arthurdent2, Feb 25, 6:53am
OK, the Reload button is now at the right hand end of the URL bar -I think that will work quite well.

morrisman1, Feb 25, 8:51am
It seems to incorporate some technology that web designers havnt used yet. stuff like that intro might well be possible on many websites. i like it so far. that tab bar is interesting but i can get used to it. i do like having a close button on each tab though, not just the active tab. if this is a stable browser then it might have just pulled me back from opera

morrisman1, Feb 25, 8:53am
Just correct myself a close button appears when you hover over the tab. its quite a 'snappy' beast if i might say so!

malachiman, Feb 25, 7:55pm
The benchmarks are in Javascript 42x faster than IE7 & 6x faster than IE8

stkys, Feb 25, 9:11pm
26mb d/load just another bloated browser

stkys, Feb 25, 9:13pm
No one has even come close to Opera yet.

morrisman1, Feb 25, 10:05pm
This is knocking on opera's door, all it needs is paste and go and its complete. opera has been pretty stagnant for a while. and it miserably fails the acid test

mrsdoobercoons, Feb 25, 11:11pm
Very nice This has refined the UI and put the tabs in a more logical place. It took a bit to get used to them on top, but it seems right now. I set Top Sites as the home page, which was pretty good when still half asleep this morning. Certainly is a snappy wee beast. Have caught myself staring at the toolbar, wondering "why isn't this loading?", "Oh, it's loaded!". Especially on Stuff, that was often quite lethargic in the last version. I'm running it on a PowerBook with Tiger and the coverflow bit seems to be missing, but I saw a warning about that when I downloaded it, my graphics might not be good enough, but will look into that when I have more time. But liking this very much.

deej5, Feb 25, 11:28pm
So far I'm loving it! How do you make Top Sites the home page as there is no URL to put in the preferences?

tallguy, Feb 26, 1:28am
Top Sites Open Top Sites then go preferences and in general button "Set Current Site"
So far enjoying Safari but much to learn.

deej5, Feb 26, 1:34am
Tried that when I open preferences the "set current site" is dimmed.

mrsdoobercoons, Feb 26, 2:24am
, I did it by selecting Top Sites from the "New window open with.." drop down in the General tab in Preferences.

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