acer laptop problem

time3, Feb 24, 10:17pm
Acer laptop problem i brought this laptop off trade me last week. it came with vista home today i try to install window xp pro it doesn't work the laptop keep restart. any solution???

blitzem1, Feb 24, 10:18pm
Have you set the first boot device as your cd/dvd rom?

time3, Feb 24, 10:19pm
Yes Yes

blitzem1, Feb 24, 10:22pm
What are the specs of the laptop? Is XP`original or copy?

time3, Feb 24, 10:25pm
The cd is original acer aspire 5100, 80hdd,1 gb ram.

blitzem1, Feb 24, 10:27pm
How far do you get into the installation?

peg228, Feb 24, 10:28pm
What model Acer? XP drivers aren't available for some of them.

time3, Feb 24, 10:29pm
Not far once i c the blue window setup screen the laptop start to shut downso weird never crossed this problem b4

time3, Feb 24, 10:33pm
Model No: BL51

blitzem1, Feb 24, 10:36pm
..The screen prior to formatting?

time3, Feb 24, 10:38pm

blitzem1, Feb 24, 10:41pm
..So you managed to format the drive.
Did you setup a manual or automatic installation?

time3, Feb 24, 10:43pm
I think my hdd is broke because i cant acess to my hdd. is automatic installation.

blitzem1, Feb 24, 10:44pm
..can you get into your bios & see the drive?

time3, Feb 24, 11:06pm
Yes i can get into bios Bios dont have an option i can test my hdd

blitzem1, Feb 24, 11:08pm
.Can your bios see the hd? Does it show primary drive details?

got2bin2win, Feb 24, 11:11pm
Is Vista still installed on the drive? that your trying to install xp on.

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