DVD/Tv 1080i or 720p ?

stevo2, Feb 25, 9:54pm
DVD/Tv 1080i or 720p ? I have a 3 year old Pioneer 43" plasma TV and have just bought a Pioneer DVD player capable of upscaling to 1080p at 24 hz. Problem is the Tv does 1080p but not supported at 24hz. Would I be better using 1080i or 720p as both these work ok but I cant see any real difference in picture quality. Cheers Stevo

stevo2, Feb 25, 9:57pm
I asked 2 different salesman and got 2 different answers. cheers stevo

cybertao, Feb 25, 10:09pm
If you can't see any difference, don't worry about it. 1080i uses slightly more bandwidth, so has more detail. If you don't notice interlacing artifacts on fast movement, go with 1080i.

kiwikidd77, Feb 25, 10:16pm
Upscaling tries to add in pixels that aren't there in the original. to see what I mean take a 600x800 picture on your computer and set it as a background on your screen with the resolution set to 1024x768 or more.

hdmovies, Feb 25, 10:21pm
As above, if you can't tell the difference then it doesn't matter. FWIW, I'd generally recommend you output the video in it's native format (for DVD thats 576i (PAL) or 480i (NTSC), and let your TV do the scaling. This way you avoid double scaling. I presume your plasma is 1366x768 native resolution (or something similar) which means it's below 1080p/i and ever so slightly above 720p, so no matter what res you feed it, it'll always scale. But again, any difference is going to be marginal so do what looks best to you.

stevo2, Feb 26, 12:06am
Yes but.Its hard to tell if theres a difference because you have to start a dvd and watch it for a while, then stop it, make the changes to the resolution and start it again which takes a few minutes, by then your memory of the quality the first time has faded if you know what I mean. cheers stevo

cybertao, Feb 26, 12:10am
What model is your TV? .

stevo2, Feb 26, 12:18am
unsure about native resolution but TV is pioneer PDP-436HDG and player is DV-410V-K. The TV book says 1920*1080i-50hz, 1280*720p-50hz, 1920*1080p-24hz. plus a lot of lower res as well. The DVD player can be set to 1280*720p, 1920*1080i, 1920*1080p but 24hz is not supported. HDMI cable is being used. cheers stevo

richms, Feb 26, 12:19am
Try it with both film and video sourced stuff - I saw stuff all difference with film sourced material (a little extra edge enhancement at 1080i) - but when putting something that was from video the difference was huge - 720p and 1080i had quite noticible problems on the edges of moving objects - the only one that didnt suck was 576i and letting the display handle the deinterlace.

cybertao, Feb 26, 12:26am
Google tells me it's a 1024 x 768 screen. Since it can't handle 567i, like hdmovies optimal suggestion, it sounds like you're better downscaling the 1080i than upscaling the 720p.

hdmovies, Feb 26, 2:36am
If you're still concerned I'd recomend a test DVD such as Digital Video Essentials (DVE). They have "resolution" test patterns, which will make detecting any differences easier.

stevo2, Feb 26, 7:50am
Thanks.. cheers stevo

kevin, Nov 11, 10:49pm
I have a 65 in plasma, Panasonic TV that won;t start. It gets electricity, but the red light just blinks. TV is just under 3 years old. Any suggestions?

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