Microsoft access - Can you word wrap in a table

gillywilly2, Apr 4, 12:58am
Microsoft access - Can you word wrap in a table Your help would be appreciate.

shands, Apr 4, 2:34am
A table in access is for storing data. I can't understand why you want to word wrap in the table. One way I suppose would to make the field yah long and yah high, but why do that? Your table is usually displayed threw form, so set the text box to a relevant size.

soodanim, Apr 4, 2:42am
Right click and autofit ...

shands, Apr 4, 4:35am
Soodanim what wave length are you on today. right click and autofit what??????

mwood, Apr 4, 5:25am

_sexylady_, Apr 4, 5:31am
Maybe Soodanim meant auto fit text ... i guess it then may act like word wrap... sorry i don't use Access (or at least i try not to where at all possible)

shands, Apr 4, 8:03am
Sexylady (or at least i try not to where at all pos)...other words you really don't understand, and know anything about it. Why post on a subject you know nothing or even understand anything of or about the mechanics of.

gillywilly2, Apr 4, 8:57am
Hi I have created a database of clients for a sales rep but he has requested I fill in a column with directions. This can take up a lot of room so had hoped rather than have to type it up in Excel I could do it in Access as it has so many added features to it. That why I wondered about word wrap

soodanim, Apr 4, 9:29am
Haha totally misread the question might have something to do with the fact that I hadn't slept since 7am yesterday when I posted oopps

johnlyn, Apr 4, 7:22pm
Try Alt enter but you should set up a memo field column which auto wraps words

shands, Apr 4, 9:19pm
Fill in a colomn with directions I take it you mean a help file type thing. This can be done by constructing a help file and attaching each section of it to the appropiate part. Or they can access it by pressing F1. You could also add text explaining what to do everytime they move the cursor over any section, it pops up. Can be annoying tho.

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