Acer Aspire laptop

mckinleydavid, Feb 28, 1:29am
Acer Aspire laptop Hi was just checking out a laptop for a mate to see what ram it had and where it went etc...noticed that after removing panel aside from the two ram slots there is another slot near the heatsink that is empty, about same size as the ram slot but without the little 'notch'...just curious as the laptop needs some serious upgrading with only 222mb of ram after the videos chunk...and would be good to know what else it may be able to take....cant find much online as its an older model.

mckinleydavid, Feb 28, 1:52am
Bump bump man i cant find anything on this laptop except basic user guides, my last pc i brought at least showed where to upgrade hardware and what slots did what...

kevin16, Feb 28, 1:57am
What model number .

dougstringer, Feb 28, 2:06am
Probably a mpci slot meant for a wireless card.

mckinleydavid, Feb 28, 2:09am
Acer aspire acer aspire 3003LC, Model ZL5.
Isn't it annoying when you have the world at your fingertips with your friend google, but only if you know the right question to ask hahaha. I have tried allsorts of dumb seling a laptop with only 256mb of ram then stealing some for the thick is that...ram upgrade wont be a prob if i get the sticks but that extra slot is curious...I must know what it is for or i will not sleep at night lol...

rosehonda, Feb 28, 2:48am
Theres an online scanner caled crucial or something that will tell you everything about the ram situation

mckinleydavid, Feb 28, 3:46am
Crucial Yeah as i said the ram is not a problem, already did the crucial scan before i even opened the laptop panel to look insideits just this other slot i seen under the panel that is not a ram slot, its about the same size as the ram slots but does not have the same fitting an is near the heatsink...just wondering what could be stuck in that...

mckinleydavid, Feb 28, 7:18am
Bump just in case anyone fresh on these boards

gyrogearloose, Feb 28, 7:28am
I agree with dougstringer it's an mpci slot, the common card fitted would be a wireless lan card. I could post links to pictures of your motherboard and of mpci cards, but you can google that.

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