I have a adsl2 wirless+router tp link can I use it

I have a adsl2 wirless+router tp link can I use it with modem from telstra.I have run the cable from telstra modem to my tp link then another cable from tp link to compuer my laptop is picking up wireless but is not connecting to internet but my normal computer is connected do you have any idea what the problem would be TIA

geek_kitti_kat_lysha, Mar 1, 12:28 am

We just got one also and got telecom to set it up for us over the phone. I'm no computer whizz but I do think you need to set up anIP code(or something) code to link it all together.

geek_bigboy01, Mar 1, 12:31 am

I t worked fine when I was with telecom because it was connected through the phone line but telstra is run through a cable.Telstr wont help because it is not one of their wireless routers

geek_kitti_kat_lysha, Mar 1, 12:41 am

You need a router with a RJ45 wan port to connect more than one computer to Telstra cable. Your adsl router is not a lot of good to you, except maybe to be used as a wireless access point with your new router with rj45 wan.

geek_dougstringer, Mar 1, 9:17 am

It all connects but have not configured router for wireless would this be why laptop connect to wirless but internet explorer is not connected

geek_kitti_kat_lysha, Mar 3, 9:12 pm

As stated it is NOT possible to use an ADSL router with a cable modem. The cable modem itself works in bridge mode and you configure your computer with the static IP, gateway and DNS addresses as supplied by TCL. Given TCL only give out one set of addresses you can only use one computer at a time unless you use a router and enter these addresses into it. An adsl router cannot be used as it only routes between the WAN and LAN interfaces, given the WAN interface is adsl only then you cannot connect the cable modem to it. Connecting the cable modem to LAN interface will not work as this is only a switch and has no routing function.

geek_spyware, Mar 3, 9:29 pm

Turn off DHCP and DSL If you reconfigure it to NOT try DSL negotiation and NOT give out DHCP leases and if necessary reconfigure it for a unique IP in the same subnet, it should still work as a switch / wireless AP just fine. Most likely the problem is that you have two devices on your network that both think they're supposed to provide DHCP leases, and may well both have the same default IP address.

geek_little_egypt, Mar 3, 10:15 pm

Or not If as the previous poster says Cable gives your computer a 'real world' IP address rather than using NAT you'd need a second network card, turn on 'connection sharing' in windows, and then plug the AP into that.

geek_little_egypt, Mar 3, 10:20 pm

Why can't the wireless modem's gateway be configured the the cable modem's IP? Set the wireless' IP and DNS to the ones the computer is supposed to. Then the NAT on the wireless will direct everything through that one IP number, looking like a single connection to the cable modem.

geek_cybertao, Mar 3, 10:30 pm

God you people are stupid. The router is an adsl router, as stated, so it is not even possible to use the WAN interface on it, let alone configure it.

What is stopping her from buying the correct product, namely a broadband router, with ethernet WAN interface.

geek_spyware, Mar 3, 10:45 pm

Because they don't have to. I've got a 506g that is being used as a wireless router, plugged into a standalone adsl modem via the LAN. Can you really not work out how to configure a router, spyware?

geek_cybertao, Mar 3, 10:59 pm