gbbrot, Mar 2, 1:01am
Thunderbird After a period of time using Thunderbird, I have to say I can see no advantage to using it over Outlook Express and there are quite a few disadvantages. One being it has no useful help at all. I think I might go back to the old reliable.

0800xford, Mar 2, 1:06am
good for you =]

gbbrot, Mar 2, 1:40am
So.. does anyone use EMclient at all? How about Eudora light?

puddleduck00, Mar 2, 1:45am
The main reason I use it is because you can have multiple mailboxes that don't all download into the same inbox. Whether outlook/outlook express has changed since I swapped over, I don't know. But that really used to piss me off as I have 4 email accounts.

puddleduck00, Mar 2, 1:46am
Plus whenever you find something you don't like/would like to change about thunderbird, there's usually an addon to solve the issue.

sirfer, Mar 2, 5:03am
T-Bird is the shizzle OutLook sucks the fat cooze. Eudora??? ROTFLMAO! are you still using netscape navigator too?

trevix2k, Mar 2, 6:53am
T-bird is free so its best not to expect too much.. if you're into outlook try the 3rd party add-on xobni.. its free and very useful

soleman2, Mar 2, 7:10am
Which Thunderbird I often thought Thunderbird two was the best all rounder. If you are using Thunderbird four then thats only design for underwater use and hence your issue.

gbbrot, Mar 2, 10:29am
Hoho.. it may be free but that's no excuse for leaving off the essentials. Problem with Tbird is it caters for the linux group that is brainwashed into believing they should get down on their knees every time they use the program and give thanks to the almighty guru that gave them the program in the first place. The help section of Tbird sucks.

gbbrot, Mar 2, 10:33am
All I want is to find out how to make the program save the addresses in the address book. It should take two minutes tops to find the data and make the changes. Instead, it is major drama as I attempt to find any info since the only data is on the net. With my system, any such search is a minimum of five minutes each page downloaded IF it connects at all. More often it simply gives up and tells me how bad my internet connection is, which I already know.

puddleduck00, Mar 2, 11:45am
HUH? My thunderbird does that automatically? Saves the contact data under contacts...

puddleduck00, Mar 2, 11:45am
What doesn't thunderbird do as opposed to a non-free email client?

gothicrebel, Mar 2, 12:22pm
Re # 9 Have you ever thought the majority of people using Outlook/Outlook express NEED alot of help, whereas the majority of those using T-Bird dont ? Just like alot of windows users have a need t be led like sheep, whereas linux users are more independent..

mad_murphy, Mar 2, 9:36pm
Thunderbird Thunderbird's great, simple and clear. I don't know what help you'd need for it. Besides, who uses software help when Google gets a better answer quicker?

badcam, Mar 2, 10:57pm
10. It does this auto-magically. You can get set it up to put contacts in different address books as well. If you want to save an email address, right click on the email address and choose "add to address book". That site is a TREASURE TROVE of info. is your friend. As for me, I have over a dozen email addresses. Some are POP and the rest are IMAP. I've never had a problem with TB. As sirfer sez: "It's the shizzle". I agree.

hdmovies, Mar 2, 11:29pm
When you have 5000 emails in you inbox and want to find a specific one, all of sudden the speed benefits of Thunderbird become oh so much more apparent.

badcam, Mar 2, 11:46pm
16. It's really easy to archive them as well. Just create a new email folder, say "Archived Mail Date XXXX" and drag the emails you want archived into the folder. You then go into where your email is saved and cut the named folder out and paste it in another location. When you want to restore it, you just drag and drop it back into the mail folder area. Easy.

little_egypt, Mar 2, 11:59pm
When you have 600 meg of emails in OE and the folder gets corrupted so OE crashes every time you try to open itand you can fix the problem just by installing TB and importing the OE settings (mail included) BTW was round at the same guy's place two weeks ago and he's now up to 1.6G of stored emails, he hasn't been trying to delete the old ones like he used to do because it just isn't slowing down at all. Installed mozback anyhow just in case so now he's got backups on an external drive too.

sirfer, Mar 3, 12:01am
LOL @ fanboi hate I started using T-Bird on windows coz outlook kept crashing in SP2. Your linux comments just show what a retard you are. Go back to outlook, you're too dumb for free software.

puddleduck00, Mar 3, 12:03am
I'm just wondering why you bashed it in the first place....It does what you ask in automatically. I reckon you should give it a chance.

gbbrot, Mar 3, 12:12am
Gawd.. you lot are soooo.. easy to get going.

sirfer, Mar 3, 12:15am
Well you are very good at playing the idiot.

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