Question for Access experts

Question for Access experts Boss has asked me if i can find out how many records a file can hold in Access. In excel there is a limit of about 65,000 rows (?). She is importing excel data into access and can't get it to pick up all info when doing a query. Any suggestions?

geek_basenjibabe, Mar 11, 3:49 pm

Go to MS Office website and query ...

geek_lanternfish, Mar 11, 4:20 pm

I didn't know... ...MS Access had a limit. You could always get Excel 2007. Has a million rows (or something like that).

geek_pdh, Mar 11, 11:14 pm

.... well, you can import dBase into Access and in dBase there's really no practical limit. But for those who INSIST on a number, it's nominally one billion records. So it may be that you'll find yourself in deep shit at one billion and one. Keep us informed . :)

geek_oberkat, Mar 11, 11:29 pm

2G used to be the limit on the size of the .mdb, it may be or going to be 4 now, so # of rows depends on # of columns, lengths, etc.

geek_guest, Apr 8, 1:18 pm