windows vista base score 3.0

quater, Apr 4, 12:31pm
Windows vista base score 3.0 Gaming graphics is 3.0 and graphics is 3.2 is there anything i can do to up the score on a laptop aspire 4520. cheers

soodanim, Apr 4, 12:40pm
Only if you can up the graphics.... how much RAM?

quater, Apr 4, 12:43pm
4GB Not sure how to up the graphics. which setting in vista is it?

drcspy, Apr 4, 12:46pm
It MIGHT be possible to up the graphics in the bios........

soodanim, Apr 4, 12:46pm
Bios setting ? Unless you have a graphics card most laptops are sharing RAM with the graphics...You normally can change a setting in the bios to how much RAM is used.

quater, Apr 4, 12:49pm
I could get my score to 4.8 if i can get the graphics there. today i started with 2.5..

soodanim, Apr 4, 12:52pm
Depends on what the graphics is too.... what it's capable of, if it sux then no amount of tweaking is going to help

quater, Apr 4, 1:07pm
I think as far as i can go 256 was the max.

soodanim, Apr 4, 1:20pm
DId the laptop come with Vista installed or was it upgraded? if so what version of Vista is it?

quater, Apr 4, 1:25pm
Came with it Home basic 32bit

quater, Apr 4, 1:29pm
This is it

_sexylady_, Apr 4, 1:52pm
3's is not to shabby for a notebook don't expect notebooks to be to close to what some desktops run at example, my notebook's score is only 4.3, but my desktop is 5.6

ply-boy, Apr 4, 6:09pm
Yup... I get 3.6 on my laptop and 5.9 on my desktop

hsvgts5000, Apr 5, 12:19am
Yeah 5.9 is wat i have and that is as far as it goes for now

quater, Apr 5, 12:27am
See My score does suck.

_sexylady_, Apr 5, 2:17am
I think hsvgts5000 meant his score was for a desktop not notebook, the other notebook score was 3.6, so your 3-low 3's is certainly not to bad :)

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