Whats the difference between HDMI cables

Whats the difference between HDMI cables Whats the difference between a cheap and a expensive cable??? My cablewas included when I got the player..

geek_cherieandmark, Mar 3, 4:06 pm

Not alot apart from construction methods & materials used eg: oxygen free copper say versus platinum stranded, unless you had equipment worth more than 100k at either end you wouldn't notice any difference.

geek_got2bin2win, Mar 3, 4:17 pm

Consumer did a test on them recently and said that a $17 cable off the internet worked as well as a $600 one

geek_nanju, Mar 3, 4:19 pm

And cotanga's for speaker wire was as good as the expensive stuff.

geek_flewy, Mar 3, 4:21 pm

I found the difference very noticeable between a very cheap HDMI cable and a almost top end cable, on our top end fullHD 50" plasma tv, much crisper picture, better colours. I changed cable several times on a TV3 HD 1080 movie from the zinwell UHF receiver just to see for myself.

geek_shinedog, Mar 3, 4:28 pm

Is right very well documented in a lot of AV forums that over short distances ( less than ten meters ) a cheap one will give you the same result as a expensive one. A digital signal is either there or it is not.

geek_rod525, Mar 3, 4:43 pm

Yes i think a high quality cable over a long distance with out an amplifier is where you would notice any difference, but stop the press, Recently, HDMI Licensing, LLC announced that cables would be tested as Standard or High-Speed cables.

* Standard (or “category 1”) cables have been tested to perform at speeds of 75Mhz, which is the equivalent of a 1080i signal.
* High Speed (or “category 2”) cables have been tested to perform at speeds of 340Mhz, which is the highest bandwidth currently available over an HDMI cable and can successfully handle 1080p signals including those at increased color depths and/or increased refresh rates. High-Speed cables are also able to accommodate higher resolution displays, such as WQXGA cinema monitors (resolution of 2560 x 1600).

geek_got2bin2win, Mar 3, 5:14 pm

Impossible shinedog, I simply don't believe you .

geek_spyware, Mar 3, 7:26 pm

Rofl "It's digital" -- "Yeah, but the bits are _cleaner_ man!"

geek_little_egypt, Mar 3, 7:30 pm

9. exactly! either it works or not!!!

geek_acura, Mar 3, 8:56 pm

Ive told this story before but i can tell it again about 6 months ago we bought some wharfedale diamond 9 speakers with a pioneer vsx817 amplifier. after we had chosen to buy that package the harvey norman salesman then proceeded to try to sell me some Monster Subwoofer cable. Here is what he tried on me: Bass frequencies travel through the air slower and in order to compensate for that, monster subwoofer cable doesnt have a twist in the cable, meaning a shorter distance for the signal to travel and therefore balances out the time delays. well i see a couple issues there, bass frequencies travel at the same speed as anything else; the variances in speaker cable lengths will mean 'delays' are already massive as the speaker cables are 6-10m long each; the subwoofer cable is still the same length anyway.

geek_morrisman1, Mar 3, 9:30 pm

The speed of the signal in the cable is the speed of light.Once it is converted to sound then it is the speed of sound.

geek_phil1943, Mar 3, 9:40 pm

Yea i know that which is why i didnt buy into the snakes bullshit

geek_morrisman1, Mar 3, 10:00 pm

Sister bought 42" LCD with Freeview HD at Harveys and was talked into buying a 9carat gold HDMI cable worth $150 or so. Unpacked everything for them (except the HDMI cable) and set up their system and told them straight away to return it overly expensive cable. Got one for free with freeview anyway. Was actually with them when returning it, and wouldnt have minded giving the sales man a piece of mind.

geek_jmpcwiz, Mar 3, 10:37 pm

Its their job to sell stuff i understand and they pass on what hte manufacturers tell them. i guess some push the products more than others.

geek_morrisman1, Mar 3, 10:42 pm

Just to nitpickSpeed of the signal in cable is about 0.8 times the speed of light, but the point stands, it's uniform through the whole audio spectrum and so much faster than the speed of sound that it's a non-factor.

geek_little_egypt, Mar 4, 9:30 am

monster sub woofer cable are twisted you retard morrisman1, do some research before you talk shit. monster hdmi is over priced, but their audio cables are actually very good for value performance, not that you would notice it through your shitty wharfdale sw150 probable sub.

grow up mate, stop talking bout shit you don't understand.
im an audio specialist retailer and this site is full of nerd that are so technical they dont even understand the basic principals of the technology they talk about.

If you genuinely needing good advice go to a shop and ask for the specialist of your topic.

geek_that_thinks_the_, Sep 19, 8:50 pm