do the new xtra ADSL routers configure themselves?

nzoomed, Mar 3, 8:38am
Do the new xtra ADSL routers configure themselves? i set up a new router that xtra had given a friend of mine, which they already had broadband with them in the past, but were using the old dlink 502-t router, but i was suprised that it connected and the internet worked without me entering a password and username, but what was more interesting is the router was not configurable! It was preset with and a password that i dont know what it was. no text boxes, nothing, infact the router hardky had any configuration on it! it seems that xtra are trying to make their routers idiot proof so that its all managed from their end? beats me. all i can think is that xtras server knows what phone line you are connected from and mac address etc and can work out whos account is being used, as it has no provision for password and username. Its a thomson speedtouch router, but cant remember the model

flewy, Mar 3, 8:40am
NOits either done by a CD or by person.

flewy, Mar 3, 8:41am
And c'mon a simple firmware update would throw all of that.

swivel, Mar 3, 9:00am
Yes they Do. They are Plug and Play. What it does is Bill the Line account. But if you have a Static IP then put your User name etc in.

cb_24, Mar 3, 9:17am
I'm hearing you I set up a new router (replacing an existing one), put their username in, they couldnt remember the password so I just put in 'password' to continue through the wizard, and it just worked.

flewy, Mar 3, 9:19am
Ohhh but its still bypassed withease.

swivel, Mar 3, 9:21am
Yes flewy all Auto now so no worry about user name or password. And the 2wire modem is even better than the thomson.

nzoomed, Mar 3, 9:27am
Very interesting makes it easier i guess, as can you imagine how many calls to xtras helpdesk must be with people asking what their password is, or wanting to know how to configure their router. its crazy how many people cant remember their passwords! lol

pcmaster, Mar 3, 9:58am
They only make them this way now cos most people are mostly too lazy and/or thick to read manuals and follow instructions to set it up themselves

nzoomed, Mar 3, 10:10am
I agree this is going to make people even more lazy. its not exactly hard to remember your ip address of your router, or what your password is etc. RTFM! lol

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