Restore Points

Restore Points I need to restore my system (Vista Home Premium) to a point about a week ago (pre 26/02/08) but the oldest restore point in my System Restore is 28/02/08. Is there a way for me to manually go back further than the oldest restore point? Cheers

geek_austindpowers6, Mar 4, 5:37 am

No , it's gone. The restore points are allocated a certain amount of room and as changes occur new system restore points are made. To make room when the allocated space is used up it deletes the oldest restore point. So the oldest point is what you see.

geek_pheonix, Mar 4, 5:43 am

you could try a repair install. what are you trying to achieve though?

geek_0800xford, Mar 4, 5:44 am

I got a windows updatethat I don't want/need and it was installed via auto updates....I am trying to go back to a point before it was installed....

geek_austindpowers6, Mar 4, 5:46 am

can you not just uninstall it? what IS the update?

geek_0800xford, Mar 4, 5:50 am

R u sure about your dates? 08, or 09?

geek_dougstringer, Mar 4, 5:58 am

Sorry..typo09...just over a week ago....

geek_austindpowers6, Mar 4, 6:01 am

has got it if you know the update or # KB ????? for eg: run a search for the uninstall file, it should be there unless you deleted it with the likes of ccleaner, or it might be one that shows in software, add or remove.

geek_got2bin2win, Mar 4, 6:02 am