What is a free downloadable alternative to MS Word

mss2006, Mar 4, 8:03pm
What is a free downloadable alternative to MS Word Thanks.

rhys.m, Mar 4, 8:04pm

gibler, Mar 4, 8:07pm
Interesting results if the phrase given was googled.

mone, Mar 4, 8:20pm
You can download MS Office for free from thepiratebay or limewire, millions of poeple do it everyday.

woogmo, Mar 4, 8:22pm
Then afterwards you can go rob a dairy and steal a car, because other people do that too!

rhys.m, Mar 4, 8:23pm
you mean theres a website that I can type questions into an receive instant answers? Amazing!

swivel, Mar 4, 9:28pm
Now, Where is Wally Great game. OH there he is in post . What a Wally thing to say

r.g.nixon, Mar 4, 10:10pm
AbiWord is what you want. OpenOffice is if you need to edit other stuff as well like spreadsheets and more.

sirfer, Mar 4, 10:55pm
What r.g.said and people d/l openoffice from pirate sites? LOL! Help! They're pirating freeware!!! HAAHAHAHAA!

tessal, Mar 4, 11:16pm
Open office has a torrent download option,choose that and watch your connection fly..be done in minutes if you are on a 1/2 decent bb connection.

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