CCleaner - Run Cleaner Vs Analyse ?

CCleaner - Run Cleaner Vs Analyse ? Hi,
If Im on the option for Cleaner, Run cleaner button shows Im clear but the Analyse shows 17.50 Kb to be removed and I cant see how ? Everything is ticked in options except for Advanced, I wonder how to delete ? Thanks.

geek_aquarius2005, Mar 5, 12:02 pm

Don't worry about it. There are some files that contain imformation kept by Windows that Ccleaner removes. Windows then makes a new empty file as it discovers it missing. That's all you are seeing, the new empty file.

geek_pheonix, Mar 5, 12:22 pm

Ok, thanks a lot. :)

geek_aquarius2005, Mar 5, 12:44 pm