HELP Adobe pictures to JPG...can it be done

purplegoanna, Mar 6, 4:56am
HELP Adobe pictures to JPG...can it be done hi all someone sent me some pics in ADOBE! and i really wanted them in normal JPG...can i change them over? and how?

0800xford, Mar 6, 4:58am
what is their extension? .??? .psd?

purplegoanna, Mar 6, 5:02am
IMG.pdf ! is that what you were asking, sorry computer learner here....even google didint help with this one...

0800xford, Mar 6, 5:04am
adobe reader or foxit should [hopefully] open them, save them, then open them.

r.g.nixon, Mar 6, 5:12am
Photoshop does I know. Haven't tried the others.

0800xford, Mar 6, 5:20am
irfanview can open .psd too. i had a feeling it could also open .pdf, must be thinking of another app.

purplegoanna, Mar 6, 5:31am
Its ok i managed to tell them over the phone how to send them normally....dunno why they scanned into it anyway..

0800xford, Mar 6, 5:33am
yay :]

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