Best multifunction Printer

kiwikidd77, Mar 7, 7:24am
Best multifunction Printer Looking into getting an a3 multifunction colour printer. want to scan a large collection of photos, and be able to print large size so they can be used for glass paintings. Maybe also use to print labels onto CD DVD media if possible.

kiwikidd77, Mar 7, 7:31pm
Bump Ideas, suggestions, Anyone? Please.

r.g.nixon, Mar 7, 7:37pm
I don't think I would go for an A3 printer unless I was doing a large volume of prints. Just take the files to a photo shop. Some of them will have printers up to A0 or print onto roll paper.

princelee, Mar 8, 1:58am
just dont bother with brother or lexmark printers. Usually hp is the way to go.

crazyduck, Mar 9, 11:18am
or canon. cheap ink too

intrade, Mar 9, 11:27am
I got me a epson with fax scanner copier and printer for 178 bux the cannon was to mutch function problems on fax and expensive ink this seems ok. dont use it mutch hope they last as good as my old canon printer bjc3000.......

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