Adobe Reader Help Please....

Adobe Reader Help PleaseHey guys, I'm reading an EBOOK at the moment using adobe reader and my question is - How can I make it so when I close it and come back to it later, I'll be on the exact page I was on when I closed it. I've been trying to figure it out, but all it's done is given me a headache. Thanks in advance for the solution :)

geek_stylez, Mar 8, 12:48 pm

doesn't it have a 'bookmark' 'button'? i'm sure it something like that.

geek_0800xford, Mar 8, 12:54 pm

geek_kingzzz, Mar 8, 12:56 pm

Thankyou very much you two..0800xford thanks for leading me to the "bookmarks" section which didn't even click to me lol and kingzzz you're a GENIOUS for that link. It was as simple as ticking a box :)Great forum, keep up the great work!

geek_stylez, Mar 8, 1:24 pm