Naked ADSL?

rahto, Mar 8, 12:08am
Naked ADSL? Have a situation in Hamilton where a group of flat-mates want an internet service, but don't want to pay for the phone line. Is this Naked ADSL? If so, do you have any recommendations of ISP's that supply this service?

0800xford, Mar 8, 12:33am
how many people? splitting the measly $45 between 6 people is half of jack squat [less than a pack of smokes a week], naked dsl [to me at least] seems really poor value. also check out how much data you get for your $ slingshot do naked dsl among others.

rahto, Mar 8, 1:00am
Between 4 people.. Yeah saw the prices of naked DSL and the 20 gig plan for slingshot was $90 (doing research for friend at the flat)thinking that it would probably be cheaper, as you said, just paying the line rental fee, and then going on an ISP like Xnet (even though I wouldn't want to with their issues). Atleast then they might save a bit as they pay for what they use.

0800xford, Mar 8, 1:20am
and 4 meatspace humons will chew through the bandwidth. 20GB split 4 ways is hardly adequate =[

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