change administrator?

Change administrator? sold my old pc win 2000 to a mate,evidently she cnt install her printer on it as she cnt get into add/remove programs etc unless shes the admin & i cnt remember wot it was or password, can she still load her printer sumway?

geek_aucklandking, Mar 8, 4:59 pm

Are you sure it was yours to start with? if I was her, I'd get a shop to do it and send you the bill,....

geek_kevin16, Mar 8, 5:04 pm

Change administrator? yes kevin,its mine,& yr not her r ya sunnyjim

geek_aucklandking, Mar 8, 5:07 pm

Lol,.. no, but at least I can type complete words,..

geek_kevin16, Mar 8, 5:10 pm

Download Hirens Boot Cd and use that

geek_baker-assoc, Mar 8, 5:11 pm

U guys arent much help so far

geek_aucklandking, Mar 8, 5:37 pm

i can hardly decipher your pidgin english :s

geek_0800xford, Mar 8, 5:39 pm

U gotta b pretty dam thick then eh

geek_aucklandking, Mar 8, 5:52 pm

geek_0800xford, Mar 8, 6:03 pm

Good one 0800 lol lol lol

geek_laj3, Mar 8, 6:17 pm

that's just how it is man

geek_0800xford, Mar 8, 6:36 pm