VPN Traffic

ammcats, Mar 8, 7:12pm
VPN Traffic Anyway to send only some programs traffic through a VPN connection and the rest just through my normal connection? Googled my head off and cant seem to find anything, perhaps im not wording it correctly

ferita, Mar 8, 7:21pm
Netcat Might be able to do it. It can do most things like that.

ammcats, Mar 9, 8:35am
.No luck with netcat

spyware, Mar 9, 9:28am
Add static routes with "route add" .

ammcats, Mar 9, 9:53am
.i slightly understand what that meansso adding a static route will cause all traffic to travel through set network interface? How will that differ for each program? I only want irc and firefox going through the VPN, while keeping my torrent client, other browsers and chat clients running via my standard connection.

lostdude, Mar 9, 10:05am
Have a browse for some software solutions: http://www.sharewareconnection.com/titles/traffic-shaping.htm

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