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nakiarnie, Mar 9, 4:05am
Cheap HDMI vs poor HDMI I know this question has been asked a million time but i forogt the answer. Do cheap HDMI cables ahve any disadvantages over expensive HDMI cables such as the Monster cables?

nakiarnie, Mar 9, 4:09am
Thread should read cheap HDMI vs expensive HDMI.

wholesaler, Mar 9, 4:12am
check the latest mag. They compared the price and quality and the most expensive tended to be worse than the cheaper ones. Basically cheap will give you the same if not better quality than most expensive ones

spyware, Mar 9, 4:14am
You mean the ones and zeros are somehow worse or better little ones and zeros travelling along the cable or I'm too thick to ever understand.

bidda2, Mar 9, 4:34am
Get the cheap cable if you don't feel like entering a debate that rages on between even the specialists.

jamjars05, Mar 9, 4:35am
The D in HDMI stands for digital. unless the cable is subjected to a lot of corrupting outside interference, the digital information should remain the same. letting retailers get away with telling people that the more expensive the cable the better it is, is fraud. and anyone who claims to be able to see the difference in types of cable by lookng at a screen is fooling themselves.

oscarnz, Mar 9, 4:48am
I thought that D was Definition (as in High definition multimedia interface)

wholesaler, Mar 9, 4:48am
I could 'find' an uploaded picture of the consumer mag for you if requested

bidda2, Mar 9, 4:51am
Yeah it is definition lol. But yeah, basically they are digital which means that if anything goes wrong then the cable will simply not work due to loss of data.

wholesaler, Mar 9, 4:53am
I found these

ladaspeed, Mar 9, 5:35am
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gyrogearloose, Mar 9, 5:59am
If you feel better after spending up large on Monster HDMI cables, then that's money well spent and you will always feel good about the decision and the picture & audio quality will be absolutely perfect. On the other hand, if you buy the cheapest and nastiest HDMI, you will always be wondering how much better it would be if you had only spent a little more. And a little more on the class-A amplifier, and a little more for Wharfdale speakers, and a little more for the feet to stand them on. I guess if my home theatre PC had a perspex window, copper water piping and flouro lighting then the Monster cable would be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but I don't think it would be any better at the function than the cheap stuff. Just get the right length, don't have coils of spare cable.

nakiarnie, Mar 9, 6:06am
Cheers guys cheap one is what i'll be gettin. 24" 1080p monitor on the way :)

sc_trader, Mar 9, 6:08am
Get "decent" not "expensive or cheap" This link will explain it all...

HDMI cables carry a digital signal unlike older component/composite. The only real noticeable difference is in the construction of the cable. So a decent on that wont fall apart. Dont waste money on a Monster Cable and also dont go supercheap on some $2 item.

nakiarnie, Mar 9, 6:10am
So where do i buy these not cheap and not expensive ones? Any auctions on trademe like that?

nakiarnie, Mar 9, 6:21am
Http:// Lol 24k gold connectorsthe picture doesnt even have gold connectors

kane199, Mar 9, 6:28am
I had a cheap optical cable between my PC and the speakers, only reason i wanted to get a more expensive one was because the plugs kept falling out

richms, Mar 9, 6:34am
If the cables not up to it, you will get a total dropout on hdcp protected connections, for a dvi connection there will be sparkles all over the picture and if its passing sound that will start to drop out and have massive noise on it.

There will be no added small noise, reduction in shadow detail or ringing on the edges like you get on cheap cable on component.

morrisman1, Mar 9, 7:02am
Computer monitors look like arse for TVs unless you do some research as get one which is super high quality and doesnt use a TN display panel.

sc_trader, Mar 9, 11:12am
@ post 15 Any of these are fine with their buynow. As long its longs enough and the sellers are trustworthy.<br /><br />

sc_trader, Mar 9, 11:13am
@ Post 15 Any of these are fine with their buynow. As long its longs enough and the sellers are trustworthy. **<br /> **
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dakar, Mar 10, 9:10am
Monster cables are technically better Monster & other premium brand cables are technically better, but in the real world it doesn't mean anything.

Monster cable can be run over longer distances & is likely to last a couple more years than cheap brands.

dakar, Mar 10, 9:14am
Digital Just because the signal is digital, doesn't mean it is automatically immune to interference and cable faults - it just presents itself differently. Problems with analogue signals prevent themselves as a poor quality picture but problems with a digital signal will result in nothing showing on the screen for a split second (or longer depending on how bad the fault is)

floydbloke, Mar 10, 6:16pm
...likely to last a couple more years Please can you elaborate on the 'wear and tear' on cables carrying digital signals Dakar. Do they fade in the sun? Friction erosion from the electrons traversing the wires? I'm not sure I understand.

evlevo, Mar 10, 8:04pm
SCAM There is no difference. HDMI cables carry a digital signal (1's and 0's). There is no signal degradation - it either works or it doesn't. I run Freeview HD at home with an HDMI cable bought from TM user "flick13". Perfect, never had any problems with it.

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