Oki C3200 laser printer ...

janienz1, Mar 9, 4:48am
Oki C3200 laser printer Is there an easy way to find an approximate price per sheet printing cost please ?

spyware, Mar 9, 5:34am
Oki's website maybe?? .

kew, Mar 9, 7:49am
Here you go it will be in euro, but not too hard to work out. Good comparisons.

janienz1, Mar 9, 8:47am
No, there's nothing on the website Hi kew - did you mean to post a link ?

d.snell, Mar 9, 11:02am
Depending on percentage of colour vs black and pictures vs text, allow average of 25c and it will be fairly close...

kew, Mar 9, 5:42pm
Hmmm. yes I did http://www.okic3200.co.uk/index.asp?printername=C3200&menumode=0&content=C3200downloads

Last document down the bottom. Sorry about that.

janienz1, Mar 9, 7:08pm
Thanks heaps to both of you :) Sorry kew, I should have spotted that myself on the website ...

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