Web Hosting

Web Hosting I am a student who has a great non profit website ready to load on a server but no serverspace. If anyone could let me use some free serverspace to host my website on it would be really awesome! You will love me website, contact me at silaware at the google place

geek_newklear, Mar 10, 3:31 am

Plenty of free hosting that doesn't come with ads. Have you got a domain name? No point asking for hosting without that.

geek_soodanim, Mar 10, 4:05 am

Primehost contact primehost.co.nz, they do hosting for non-profits

geek_webhost, Mar 10, 4:58 am

I'm getting one this week sometime. :)

geek_newklear, Mar 10, 4:59 am

Or use 3ix.com and pay the huge sum of $2 a month .

geek_hdmovies, Mar 10, 6:47 am

Newklear - ? I thought you already had the hosting all sorted out, the design being done and all was sweet? Now you are asking again for hosting - what's the story?

geek_sighkick, Mar 10, 9:53 am