Online business must be the way to go

stardesta, Mar 10, 5:35am
Online business must be the way to go during a recession. Low over heads

thejazzman, Mar 15, 4:42am
When I start Uni I'm going to be doing Computer Science. My goal is to set up an online business, somewhat similar to what the creator of Trademe has done (although I would never sell it), and get rich!

stardesta, Mar 15, 5:08am
May need to be a little different to trademe as there are many people that have tried to compete with trademe, such as webuy, tradeamania, ferrit, and sellmefree. Some offered the same things as trademe but for free, but trademe has such a big client base that competing with them is extremely difficult. Good luck

0800xford, Mar 15, 5:12am
answer the question you geek!

dunedin_ree, Mar 15, 5:12am
Ferrit isn't an auction site...

stardesta, Mar 15, 5:29am
It was still a competitor of trademe. .

0800xford, Mar 15, 5:32am
why the necro?

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