Help me install Adobe flash player,

mooloocal, Mar 11, 12:31am
Help me install Adobe flash player, The other day when i turned on my laptop it said an updated version was available so i installed that but now i cant watch anything on youtube cant get into grabaseat cause it says it requires adobe flash player it then says install now well i have tried that 4 times which each time it says it was installed but then when i go to youtube it says i still havent got it, can someone help

r.g.nixon, Mar 11, 12:35am
Some people are having trouble with Flash 10 are you on Firefox or IE. They need separate installs if you have both.

mooloocal, Mar 11, 12:49am
I don't even know how do i found out computers is not really my speciallity as you can tell

budsgal, Mar 11, 6:13am
Sharing your frustrationI am trying to install on a Vista laptop 32bit, and have trawled adobe help and various message boards around the world and still cant get an successful install!

cybertao, Mar 11, 6:16am
Really? Trippy. I installed it on linux sweet as, and it runs without a hitch.

stkys, Mar 11, 6:25am
If using firefox best way is to open blacksheep flash movie site, open a flash movie, then when tells you need flash, just install plugin in firefox.

stkys, Mar 11, 6:26am
If IE go filehippo get the IE flash player there.

biggal, Mar 11, 9:38am

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