rapidly flashing ethernet light on adsl modem

paulmc, Apr 5, 6:11am
Rapidly flashing ethernet light on adsl modem what does a rapidly flashing ethernet light on my adsl modem mean? it seems to be causing web pages to load slowly.

jacqui248, Apr 5, 6:15am
I thought if it was flashing it meant it was going fine... my ethernet and adsl lights always flash when it is working..loading pages etc

paulmc, Apr 5, 6:17am
It flashes all the time at a constant rate even when not loading pages.

paulmc, Apr 5, 6:22am
Have done a virus scan so it's not a virus going out now. will be back late evening.

nzmu, Apr 5, 9:18am
Mine did that - dlink, rang ihug and they sent me a new one.

cacteur, Apr 5, 9:22am
The "Status" light.. .. on my DLink router flashes when it is switched on, ie 24/7. It's meant to.

nzmu, Apr 5, 9:29am
Re #6 yes it 'blinks' but if this is anything like mine was, page loading was cr@p and the lights flash extremely fast - not normal. btw, my dlink was over heating too - top left centre.

cacteur, Apr 5, 9:34am
#7 Oh.. #1 is talking about.. .. the "ethernet light." Sorry.. missed that. Mine blinks occasionally.

pheonix, Apr 5, 9:51am
A reason the ethernet light can keep going while your not browsing or downloading is because it is updating either Anti-Virus, Windows or something like that

art4ukiwi, Apr 5, 9:56am
Yeah probably updating windblows

paulmc, Apr 5, 12:48pm
Nzmu - sounds like it might be a modem fault dynalink only 3 months old so still under warranty. will ring on monday. if it is the modem, this is my second dynalink to crap out. previous one lasted 13 months - just outside the 12 month warranty.

pc_nut, Apr 5, 12:56pm
Either updating or IM programs or something adware viral going on you may need a different AntiViral program. with my webserver the fast blinking ethernet light would be a godsend (very low traffic webserver)

paulmc, Apr 5, 2:06pm
#9 there is nothing showing on the status bar to indicate any updates in progress. browsing has been slow for two days.

seriouslycgi, Apr 5, 2:08pm
Wireless on your network? lock your firewall down see if it stops?

paulmc, Apr 5, 2:28pm
Have just checked my account on isp website have exceeded 1 gig data cap therefore speed restricted but have never used more than 400 mb a month since i had broadband connected in 2006. it shows 1.3gb used since 9 march. total time online shown this month is about normal. has my modem been hijacked?

nice_lady, Apr 5, 3:28pm
Lmfao........modem hijacked ! ffs you lot...........the flashing on the ethernet light is simply indicating data goin between the computer and the modem..........that's ALL......

nzmu, Apr 5, 7:13pm
Nice lady we all understand this but there are times that it shows a fault - I doubt whether ihug would have replaced a non faulty modem.

pheonix, Apr 5, 10:09pm
Nice lady... related to drcspy?

nzmu, Apr 5, 10:16pm
Hmmmmmmm..... pmsl!

paulmc, Apr 6, 12:00am
Tui's ad nice lady ........ yeah right!
read my previous posts 3 & 15. the light flashes at a constant, faster than normal rate. it is a download speed restriction. i want to know how i could have exceeded my data cap when i haven't spent any more time online or downloaded any large files. and i normally use less than half my data limit.

spyware, Apr 6, 12:18am
Nice lady is correct. You need to investigate the source of this data using TCPView or similar.

drcspy, Apr 6, 12:32am
.......... 18. nice lady...
related to drcspy?.......Married......didn't notice I was on the missus a/c lol

paulmc, Apr 6, 3:27am
I will ring my isp tomorrow and get their advice don't know anything about tcp view and the info on microsofts page for tcpview doesn't mean anything to me either.

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