anyone here a wizz on word?

Anyone here a wizz on word? you know those ad's you see pinned up on message boards where they have the phone numbers detachable at the bottomhow do you get the writing to go side ways to put the phone number in those tear away bits?

geek_melissajane10, Mar 11, 7:32 am

Answered in General Nothing to see here, move along ....

geek_dunedin_ree, Mar 11, 7:43 am

Sigh.. ..and i didnt get a chance to show my brilliance

geek_deus701, Mar 11, 7:57 am

I can teach you But i`ll have to charge.

geek_make_a_bid, Mar 11, 8:04 am

She was asking for a wizz! Thats me! PC Wiz! Everyone else go away!

geek_jmpcwiz, Mar 11, 8:27 am

Haven't done that exactly...but my best suggestion without trying it would be to draw a text box, and type the stuff you need inside it. Then turn the text the way you want, then copy the entire text box as many times as you want across the bottom of the page.

geek_jadzia, Mar 11, 8:32 am

You can do this inside a table and use the table toolbar because there is a "change text direction" button you can use

geek_johnlyn, Mar 12, 3:08 am