WHAT IS THE BEST FREE MUSIC SITE that you can down load??????,, are there any that are free????

geek_v8xa, Apr 5, 8:41 pm

Downloading music from webstie is not as popular as downloading music using a programme like limewire etc.

geek_mone, Apr 5, 8:46 pm

Yeah is it free cuse the i im getting is $14.00 or $34.00

geek_v8xa, Apr 5, 8:48 pm

It should be free you shouldnt pay for a programme just to download FREE music.

geek_mone, Apr 5, 8:50 pm

Ok cool where do i find the free part??? is it small down the bottom??? im new to this music downlaods

geek_v8xa, Apr 5, 8:55 pm

By the way, the music (most of it) isn't free. What you're wanting to look for is how to download pirated/stolen music files. So like the person said before, if you're paying for something to do this, then you're getting sucked in.

geek_dunedin_ree, Apr 5, 8:56 pm

Here http://www.limewire.com/LimeWireWinBoth

geek_mone, Apr 5, 8:58 pm

Im not thats why im asing for the programm which is free i only want a few songs not millions.. i was told once before limewire is free, is that not true?????

geek_v8xa, Apr 5, 8:59 pm

... yezzz limewire/frostwire=free. But the majority of files available for download on the gnutella network which limewire connects to, are pirated/illegal copies.

geek_chapadao, Apr 5, 9:05 pm

Not to mention good quality MP3 files are few and far between on the gnutella network. Most of them are just plain shit.

geek_puddleduck00, Apr 6, 12:36 am

The best way to get music of the net is to use Audacity and go onto youtube its great for songs you cant find for sale anymore as well it also is great at getting records onto your comp and tapes which is what I use it for.
it coppies music directly through your speakers so what you hear is what you get.

geek_sparps, Apr 6, 12:54 am

Here is the download page for audacity http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

geek_sparps, Apr 6, 12:56 am

Sparps Audacity is mainly a audio editor, I wouldnt rip music off Youtube because youtube videos are encoded off MP3, which 90% of come from limewire, so the quality has already been diluted when you rip off Youtube

geek_mone, Apr 6, 1:31 am

Http://www.freelimewirepro.net/dsdownload.html Works

geek_kylea_damien, Apr 6, 10:12 am

...... http://beemp3.com/ http://www.eurotek.ca/ http://www.kohit.net/

geek_kevin16, Apr 6, 10:17 am

Can't someone here just direct the poor fella to mininova, torrentspy etc. Torrents are easily the best form to download music in. And ive been around since the days of napster and audio galaxy. So, go to mininove.org, search what you are after, download azureus and then you can download the music, easy. Limewire erks me like Ipods, "its popular so it must be good"

geek_ryanm2, Apr 6, 10:46 am

Thats mininova.org oops

geek_ryanm2, Apr 6, 10:47 am

Ryanm2 I use torrents for big programmes, but the sheer scope of limewire mp3s cannot be overlooked.

geek_mone, Apr 6, 10:51 am

I can tell you right now mininova has 10 times the amount of music than limewire. Im not overly interested in how many different versions of Panic at the Disco's latest crappy single in crappy bitrates are avaliable. I just have a thing against limewire.

geek_ryanm2, Apr 6, 11:01 am

And #11 must be taking the piss if the thinks the best way to get music is ripping it off Youtube.

geek_ryanm2, Apr 6, 11:02 am

I think you're all taking the piss!Where's old Mazadu when we need him.

geek_puddleduck00, Apr 6, 11:36 am

How can you complain re quality Puddle?#10 If its 'Free'& a piracy of copyrite?
Course Pirates have to maintain their
standards,& honour amongst thieves &
all that,but really they're the bilge
rats of the Internet

geek_deodar, Apr 6, 11:37 am

Because that's like saying you can either have 2 minute noodles for free, or a gourmet meal for free and choosing the 2 minute noodles. Or something lol..I just woke up.

geek_puddleduck00, Apr 6, 11:42 am

Nice to know im a fulla when infact im a lady just using my hubbys name... but anyway thank you all for your help will decide which one to get.

geek_v8xa, Apr 6, 1:41 pm

Re 11 that's like saying 'hey i know a way to grab the latest sounds, simply get a dictaphone and hold it close to your pc speakers and record it on tape. Then run a microphone from your pc and use the sound card to capture the audio from your dictaphone speaker and save it to your hard drive'.

geek_kylestyle, Apr 6, 1:50 pm

Re 23 exactly. Some pirated goods are ripped beautifully, if I may say so (if you know where to get them). Why go to the 2 dollar whore when you can have the high class one with the whips and chains for nothing?

geek_kylestyle, Apr 6, 1:52 pm

Ok new thread where can i get a free high class whore with the whips and chains

geek_brummy23, Apr 6, 3:48 pm

Another oxymoron, High class whore.lol Like military intelligence.Everyone
knows you get what you paid for,what
happened to that pearl of wisdom?

geek_deodar, Apr 6, 4:10 pm

# 27 was there any need for that comment??? uh nah didnt think so, i was only asking a question. maybe ask on another message board about your request. like i said before thansk to all who offered your input.

geek_v8xa, Apr 6, 8:02 pm

Http://www.pianoladynancy.com/wavs.htm If you are into country this is an awesome site. You just right click and save target as. The site has been around for a while.

geek_al-catraz, Apr 7, 7:56 pm

I didnt read the whole thread but! I must say Ryanm2(wotever) is a Noob lol... Mininove for music? torrents for music? maybe albums single songs no... majority of songs can be found by googling... you just gotta know what to put in after the song name... and there are ALOT! of websites around which share songs and its all HTTP so fast as nutz

geek_ply-boy, Apr 7, 8:32 pm

The only good torrent site to ever exist was OiNK. The rest were weasel piss compared to OiNK. Now that OiNK has been shut down life is so much harder. I actually buy music now because I like don't like lossy compression.

geek_puddleduck00, Apr 8, 12:36 am

Brummy23 you will be surprised, if I take out an original CD and convert it to 256 bitrate MP3, and put it on limewire. its good enough quality for me.

geek_mone, Apr 8, 2:41 am