Dlink 502T - ADSL2 + upgradeable?

zaowl, Mar 13, 7:10am
Dlink 502T - ADSL2 + upgradeable? We have a Dlink 502T hardware version A5 that was provided by Xtra when we signed up with them. Until recently we have always used alternate hardware for our DSL/Wireless connection until our Linksys POS modem/router forced us to utilise this modem. We have found our speeds have deteriorated severely ever since we put this modem in place. Has anyone done a firmware upgrade to ADSL2+ successfully and if so what firmware was used to successfully do this? TIA

littlebob7, Mar 13, 7:26am
I had ----- an older D Link & Telecom gave me a Thompson ADSL2 plus free provided I signed up with them for 12 months does that help ?

zaowl, Mar 13, 7:29am
Littlebob we are already signed up with them thoughwere you when you did this?

littlebob7, Mar 13, 7:37am
Yes been with them for ages & I had broadband & they rang me with " how was it going " & offered me latest Thompson --provided I stay with them for a year ( If I leave have to pay $99-95 break fee ) It is noticibly faster ---- phone their helpdesk 0800 225598 & ask best of luck

zaowl, Mar 13, 8:07am
Thanks littlebob might look at that down the track if we can't upgrade current modem. Willing to take the risk of a firmere upgrade if anyone else has done so successfully :)

hybrid_theory, Mar 13, 8:39am
i think the gen2 are adsl2+ compliant, unlike the gen1.

you can upgrade your firmware www.xtra.co.nz/firmware

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