Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player I've always been able to watch videos on websites and now it tells me I need to download adobe flash player. I have gone through the installation process and it doesn't seem to install (says there should be a video above and text below and there isn't). Yet to the right of the screen it says installation complete. What am I doing wrong?

geek_squirt55, Mar 13, 9:44 pm

Make sure u uninstall any previously installed version of Flash B4 u install a later version

geek_biggal, Mar 13, 10:09 pm


geek_traceedwards, Mar 13, 10:10 pm

Thanks. Can't find any previous installations of Flash Player when I search my computer (which is funny as I have always been able to watch videos). traceedwards: Call me dumb or whatever you like, but what do you mean by browser?

geek_squirt55, Mar 14, 4:55 pm

internet explorer, firefox, safari, opera...

geek_0800xford, Mar 14, 5:02 pm

Teenage brother came around tonight and he was able to fix it. Knew there had to be some advantage in having a teenager in the family! :)

geek_squirt55, Mar 14, 8:46 pm

they are adept at removing food from your house too =p

geek_0800xford, Mar 14, 8:51 pm

Yes, have to agree with that. He came around for tea - I didn't know one person could stack away so many roast potatoes!!

geek_squirt55, Mar 14, 9:30 pm

ha ha i hold my entire family's record for eating yorkshire puddings, a feat i'm very proud of =]

geek_0800xford, Mar 14, 9:38 pm