thomson adsl2

sydspec05, Mar 13, 11:06am
Thomson adsl2 hi got a new adsl2 today from telecom just wondering if i can use it as a switch as well for a home network wireless

soodanim, Mar 13, 11:11am
What do you think a switch is? it's a router, you can network computer thru it, if that's what you want and share the internet connection.

executor1, Mar 13, 11:17am
Depending on the type of unit it is, It may have several ethernet ports that you can hook your computers into, otherwise, you may need to buy yourself a cheap ethernet network hub (~$15-30) and you can connect your computers through that.

soodanim, Mar 13, 11:30am
They are 4 port wireless routers...the ones Telecom are giving out at the moment.

spyware, Mar 13, 10:50pm
Switches and routers are NOT the same thing. Since when did a layer 2 switch route between subnets (which is a layer 3 feature). You need to rephrase and say that the router has a switch on its LAN interface. Hubs are layer 1 devices and should not be used.

sirfer, Mar 14, 12:53am
Nerd alert!@ the answer to is yes.

dakar, Mar 14, 4:57am
Do you want to add the router to an existing network, or run everything off the new router?

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