Finally you can access Hotmail via POP3!!!

Finally you can access Hotmail via POP3!!! For those who still hang on to Hotmail: Shame it's not IMAP enabled.

geek_badcam, Mar 14, 3:43 pm

Yippee!!! Finally works in Thunderbird without timing out.

geek_sparkyz, Mar 14, 4:34 pm

Been doing it with Outlook for years

geek_swivel, Mar 14, 4:35 pm

i've been trying to open that page for friggin' ages =[

geek_0800xford, Mar 14, 4:35 pm

done it a few times overs the years with outlook express. They didnt allow new people to hotmail, since 3-5 years to use outlook as I understand. Good to see everyone can do it now.

geek_jmpcwiz, Mar 14, 4:53 pm

Always used it with Outlook Express.

geek_enigma, Mar 14, 5:02 pm

aaah there we go, spam directly to my computer, nice :/

geek_0800xford, Mar 14, 5:03 pm

LOL @ 0800 snicker

geek_art4ukiwi, Mar 14, 5:14 pm

heh, yeah i just removed it aye. it's all good, but not for me.

geek_0800xford, Mar 14, 5:26 pm

sadly pop3 to a mailbox full of gigs is pretty much useless. look how long it took googlemail to get imap access - whereas hotmail has had the outlook connector available for a while, and for a lot longer then that you could add it as a http mail server into outlook as well - both infinitly better then stupid old pop3 access.

geek_richms, Mar 14, 11:07 pm