acer websites down

mycool87, Apr 5, 9:33pm
Acer websites down Can anybody access the acer nz website or the global one.
I cannot accesss any.
I was just currious if it was just xtra or that acer had a global outage. I tried yesterday with no luck

nzmu, Apr 5, 9:37pm
Can't access either - with ihug.

jacqui248, Apr 5, 9:37pm
Lol my cool i put same thig at ecaxt same time..... i with xtra too

jacqui248, Apr 5, 9:39pm
Darn i wann know more bout there cashback thinkg...

mwood, Apr 5, 11:31pm
Just another Finance Company crashing .

derekguy, Apr 6, 7:48am
The HP website was updated last night as well. Perhaps they are updating it.

jacqui248, Apr 7, 7:46am
Finally it goes again... ...

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