2nd hand ACER laptop, erUBK files on partition

papariccardo, Mar 14, 9:28pm
2nd hand ACER lappy, erUBK files on partition 12GB sitting in a partition called D: - & it's not the optical drive. I want to do a clean install of XP. Can I just delete the lot, defrag, then reformat?

dunedin_ree, Mar 14, 9:36pm
Yes Not sure what those files are, are you sure it's not a recovery partition (in which case you can restore the laptop without hunting down the drivers)? BTW, Why would you delete and defrag, as reformatting the drive would delete everything anyway?

dunedin_ree, Mar 14, 9:38pm
After a quick google Those ARE recovery files. Put them to good use.

kevin16, Mar 14, 9:42pm
As above,recovery files,.. how much of the hdd is D: ?, do you need it that big?, or at all?,

papariccardo, Mar 14, 9:48pm
They are recovery, I googled too before asking But do I need to recover? It's not my backup, and I'm OK with updating any ACER files needed. Just 12GB is ridiculous - the PC only appeared to have another 8GB of files. I just don't see that I need them. I'm going to rebuild manually my own desktop onto it (not mirror image, as I will delete unneeded crap as I go)

papariccardo, Mar 14, 9:50pm
Also, despite being able to find them initially After a hidden folder search of D: I saw them all, and copied to my iPod. I now have it if needed by me or the previous owner.

kevin16, Mar 14, 9:54pm
K, wellll,in that case, I would probably re-partion the drive when doing the clean install,..

dunedin_ree, Mar 14, 9:56pm
The files aren't THEIR backup files they're the files needed to rebuild the laptop back to factory settings.

papariccardo, Mar 14, 9:56pm
Sweet! Confirmation of what I was going to do I'm not doing the clean install myself, I'm getting a Geek in to help.

papariccardo, Mar 14, 9:58pm
12GB to restore factory settings? Seriously? I had to disagree, but the numbers seem ridiculous.

papariccardo, Mar 14, 9:58pm
If I could open erUBK.wsi, would that do a fresh desktop anyway? I can't open .wsi, and have no discs.

dunedin_ree, Mar 14, 10:04pm
Noyou tap one of the F keys at startup to begin the recovery process. Not sure which one it is. Perhaps try the instruction manual on the Acer site.

papariccardo, Mar 14, 10:12pm
Sweet. Will try googling a manual now. You guys are great!

papariccardo, Mar 14, 10:18pm
Can someone please read this link - I have and I think it's the stuff I need. http://tiny.cc/CCckx

papariccardo, Mar 14, 10:22pm
Doing recovery now. Choice!

papariccardo, Mar 14, 10:40pm
Dunedin ree, thank you! Your tips have given me a fresh notebook. Nice one!

gwonder, Jan 11, 9:00pm
I read somewhere that erUBK files for Acer laptops (check d:/erUBK_folder/OBR3.ini) and used to contain backups of your data, but that seems to be to weird to be true, I think these files contain factory settings.

Can anyone confirm? Re-build the system in your spare time, maybe? ;)

guest, Sep 3, 7:32am
Wait can i delete them or keep them?

guest, Jun 20, 6:45pm
I was having problems last year with my older acer laptop running preinstalled xp. Offloaded all my data and kicked off the restore to factory. It locked up and became completely unresponsive after throwing an error message(forgot what it was now), even after restarting the machine. I had to find an xp disk, boot from it and install xp from scratch, then install several hundred updates while they were still available. Needless to say, I don't trust these factory restores. The 9G of erUBK files remained and I deleted, of course. They were useless when needed.

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