Juse been given an ACER travelmate 290

kiwikidd77, Mar 15, 2:09am
Juse been given an ACER travelmate 290 Working OK in spite of a few problems. There's 2 keys missing off the keyboard, the F12 and the "O" key. also the display has crapped out. All I see on the biult in screen is horizontal lines and nothing else. I have it connected to my LCD screen for the desktop and that works 100%. To Get the O I poke a plastic rod into the hole where the key is missing. Can I get a replacement keyboard? What about the laptop screed? expensive to fix? I also want to upgrade the RAM to 1Gb, currently there's just 256mb installed. would be good to make a set of recovery cd's, the images are still on the D drive.

0800xford, Mar 15, 2:16am
get a dunger [dunga, dungah?] and tax some parts from it

kiwikidd77, Mar 15, 2:45am
And that is in english??? I already know this is an old lappy but for now, I don't care. would like to improve it though.

art4ukiwi, Mar 15, 2:51am
Yep u can get replacement keyboards. Don't know about u butI put one in my old lappy and it was rather tricky to get the ribbon cable from ito into the MOBO. U might get a teckie to do it. and not one that will charge u 80 dollars to even look at it.

kiwikidd77, Mar 15, 5:16am
Anyone know how to burn the recovery disks? the images are still on the D partition, but have yet to find out how to burn to disk. Acer site will not load the FAQ or manuals.

0800xford, Mar 15, 5:19am
what do you think it means "in english"? get another one with the parts you need and swap them, simple.

dakar, Mar 15, 7:29am
The keyboards are relatively cheap, but you will probably have a hard time finding someone who will sell you the keyboard to install yourself. Best bet is to buy a dead laptop the same as yours & practice on that before you steal the parts off it. Replacement screens are very expensive

kiwikidd77, Mar 15, 7:42pm
Thanks for advice its appreciated.

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